“Pro-Life: Cause of Death” (link is images projected)
Artist Statement: “The topic of abortion is a highly contested and an incredibly personal debate. While most people have personal views about the ethics of abortion, those most affected by this are the women considering this procedure. Around the world and throughout history, many women have been deprived their right to abortion often resulting in tragedy and in many cases death. This exhibit serves to honor the lost lives of the past century. Through this exhibit, SILVERNYC exhibits her culminating work for the “Senior Seminar: Global Inequality Course” and her work in the class exploring the global relationships around women’s health. For her research paper, SILVER conducted extensive research to develop a thesis around exactly how Chile was able to move from a total abortion ban into a ban with three exceptions. This research paper inspired her to think about the global implications of every political decision made about female bodies and inspired this project. The images projected into this altar are described in the viewers guide. SILVER compiled what she found to be the most compelling documentary photography of the abortion debate around the world with a particular focus on the victims of this debate. Viewers should pay close attention to the faces they see and the countries where lack of safe abortion has been documented. SILVERNYC asks all viewers to be respectful during this visit as this is an altar to lives lost. The photographic guide may serve to clarify certain images and offers helpful translations. Please take a moment and celebrate the lives and memories of the women who have passed.”